World-Сlass Production Company Based in Vietnam

Dragonimages is a cutting-edge production studio based in Vietnam that creates catchy visual content with an Asian flavor.
In 2012, we started as a contributor to stock photo agencies. Since then we have contributed 50,000 images that have been used for commercial purposes all over the world. You could find them on magazine spreads or street billboards.
Today, having gathered all our experience, we took up client shooting for advertising. We create high-quality photos and videos that successfully solve client problems and make communication with customers more effective.
Dragonimages production studio is part of an international holding Everypixel Group.
Full-service production
Dragonimages implements the full-service principle: production, location scouting and selecting, model casting, technical support, and postproduction of any complexity.
6 years of background
Over the 6 years of our existence, we have learned how to shoot equally good photos of various genres: portrait, still life, lifestyle, interiors, etc. We have created a huge cross-cultural base of models and a base of locations which is unlike any other company’s. Due to our accumulated resources, our team is able to embody any client’s idea!
Photos that convey cultural characteristics
Dragonimages is an international team of highly qualified professionals. We always take into account the cultural characteristics of the heroes of shooting. Thus, our content buyers are confident in purchasing our images.
Our team
Denis Sorokin
Denis Sorokin
Art Director
Denis is the main creative force behind our Ho Chi Minh City team. He is constantly developing new ideas and subjects for photographers, stylists and retouchers, while creating challenging projects for the shooting administrator and casting manager. Apart from being our Art Director, Denis is a highly experienced professional designer and photographer.
Châu Nguyễn
Châu Nguyễn
Studio Manager
Chau is a true multi-tasker at DragonImages Production Studio, and handles all of our administrative issues. She understands how to put together a good picture and then sell it. Besides that, Chau is an admirable person and great listener.
Cường Nguyễn
Cường Nguyễn
Photoshoot Administrator
Cuong is in charge of organizing all our shootings. He has to work closely with all photographers, stylist as well as arranging models, preparing locations, schedule, budgets and necessary steps for a complete shooting. Managing our partners is another his duty, for those who want a win-win cooperation with Dragon Images Production Studio, he is a key contact.
Kyo Phan
Kyo Phan
Kyo is a dynamic person who conveys his energy through his photos. Even though he specializes in professional headshots, he shoots a variety of subject matters at DragonImages Production Studio. Kyo is a very attentive person and you are sure to appreciate his creativity.
Tiến Đỗ
Tiến Đỗ
With 2 years experience of designing, retouching and photographing, Tien masters his job by feeling the color tones and moods of photoshoots by heart, while being able to enhance photographs’ quality and convey the feelings across the excellent work he delivers. To him, photography and retouching are an inseparable passion.
Anna Zlobina
Anna Zlobina
Professional Linguist
Working from Chelyabinsk office, Russia, Anna handles the keywords and distribution of our images from Vietnam to the world’s microstock agencies. Along with love for foreign languages, nature, and travelling, Anna also breathes her life through photography. Her experience and passions are therefore undeniably valuable to DragonImages in producing photos of excellent quality every day.
Nami Yuki
Yuki is an indispensable team member as both our stylist and professional make-up artist. She takes care of each photo’s style by applying our company's standards as well as her personal artistic touch in terms of make-up, clothes, props, and background decoration.
Triều Nhật
Photographer’s assistant
Triề is the photographer’s right-hand person. With extensive experience in media production, he is well-versed in equipment and provides technical support to our team.